Call for Papers

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Important Dates

Submission Deadline:2011/12/12
Submission extended:2011/12/16
Author Notification:2012/02/14
Final Version Due:2011/02/28
Workshop commences:2012/05/03 - 2012/05/04

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Accepted Papers

  1. Attacking Exponent Blinding in RSA without CRT
    Sven Bauer
    Giesecke & Devrient, Germany
  2. Contactless Electromagnetic Active Attack on Ring Oscillator Based True Random Number Generator
    Pierre Bayon, Lilian Bossuet, Alain Aubert, Hubert Curien Laboratory, France
    Viktor Fischer, Université de Saint-Etienne, France
    François Poucheret, Philippe Maurine, LIRMM, France
    Bruno Robisson, CEA-LETI, France
  3. A New Scan Attack on RSA in Presence of Industrial Countermeasures
    Jean Da Rolt, Giorgio Di Natale, Marie-Lise Flottes, Bruno Rouzeyre, LIRMM, France
    Amitabh Das, Ingrid Verbauwhede, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
  4. An Interleaved EPE-Immune PA-DPL Structure for Resisting Concentrated EM Side Channel Attacks on FPGA Implementation
    Wei He, Eduardo De La Torre and Teresa Riesgo
    Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain
  5. Intelligent Machine Homicide: Breaking Cryptographic Devices using Support Vector Machines
    Annelie Heuser, Michael Zohner
    CASED & Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany
  6. Exploiting the Difference of Side-Channel Leakages
    Michael Hutter, Mario Kirschbaum, Thomas Plos, Jörn-Marc Schmidt, University of Technology Graz (IAIK), Austria
    Stefan Mangard, Infineon Technologies AG, Germany
  7. A Fault Attack on the LED Block Cipher
    Philipp Jovanovic, Martin Kreuzer and Ilia Polian
    University of Passau, Germany
  8. Attacking an AES-enabled NFC Tag - Implications from Design to a Real-World Scenario
    Thomas Korak, Thomas Plos, Michael Hutter
    University of Technology Graz (IAIK), Austria
  9. The Schindler-Itoh-Attack in Case of Partial Information Leakage
    Alexander Krüger
    SRC GmbH, Germany
  10. An Architectural Countermeasure Against Power Analysis Attacks for FSR-Based Stream Ciphers
    Shohreh Sharif Mansouri, Elena Dubrova
    KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
  11. Same Values Power Analysis using Special Points on Elliptic Curves
    Cédric Murdica, Sylvain Guilley, Jean-Luc Danger, Secure-IC S.A.S., France
    Philippe Hoogvorst, TELECOM ParisTech, France
    David Naccache, Ecole normale supérieure, France
  12. Conversion of Security Proofs from One Model to Another: A New Issue
    Jean-Sébastien Coron, Praveen Kumar Vadnala, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg
    Christophe Giraud, Emmanuel Prouff, Soline Renner, Oberthur Technologies, France
    Matthieu Rivain, CryptoExperts, France
  13. RSA Key Generation: New Attacks
    Camille Vuillaume, Takashi Endo, Paul Wooderson
    Renesas Electronics, Japan / United Kingdom
  14. Differential Fault Analysis of Full LBlock
    Liang Zhao, Takashi Nishide, Kouichi Sakurai
    Kyushu University, Japan
  15. MDASCA: An Enhanced Algebraic Side-Channel Attack for Error Tolerance and New Leakage Model Exploitation
    Xinjie Zhao, Tao Wang, Huiying Liu, Keke Ji, Ordnance Engineering College, China
    Fan Zhang, Zhijie Shi, University of Connecticut, United States
    Shize Guo, The Institute of North Electronic Equipment, China
  16. Butterfly-Attack on Skein's Modular Addition
    Michael Zohner, Marc Stöttinger, CASED & Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany
    Michael Kasper, Fraunhofer SIT, Germany